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The 999 Solid Gold, Gold Card

Gold Gold Card

Carry your gold around with you! The real time value of your bullion holdings are on your Gold debit card at all times. Use your card in stores or ATMs. The value you spend is deducted from the value of gold held on your account. Spend in any currency or withdraw funds by wire transfer. Buy further gold at any time, it automatically appears on your card balance.

HyperWire Regular Prepaid Debit Cards

HyperWire prepaid debit cards offer cash withdrawals in UK or from 29 million ATMs worldwide in a number of currencies - a safe and secure alternative to travel cheques, or traveling overseas with wads of cash.

Great for Travel, Family or Emergency Funds

HyperWire prepaid cards function similarly to credit and debit cards but without a bank account, interest and credit advancing. Our re-loadable prepaid cards can be used in ATMs worldwide or wherever MasterCard is accepted and topped up simply online at any time.

Cards use chip and PIN technology and worldwide ATM cash withdrawals are available. With such a flexible payment product the benefits and oppurtunities are endless. No matter the sector of business you operate, HyperWire is able to enhance your payment options with an adapted prepaid card solution.                                More About HyperWire Debit Cards