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 Add HyperWire Debit Cards

HyperWire offers alternative low cost payroll solutions based around our debit cards.

Nothing could be simpler, all you do is tell us who needs a card, then they are issued and delivered to your staff or outworkers by the same secure card specialists that your high street bank uses.

When you load HyperWire cards the credit is instant, and funds are available immediately for charging on the card or withdrawing from ATM's worldwide.

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We make no charge at all for card credits, we do not charge for shop or online purchases, or cash withdrawals, and if used overseas our exchange rates are as competitive as our regular bank busting transfer rates.

We can tailor debit card solutions to suit many different payment requirements. We can offer you cards branded specifically for your company or for a particular project or promotion.

Open a payroll account

Opening an account with HyperWire is quick and easy. Once done you can pay staff and contractors at home or overseas through your own payment portal - it's just like online banking, but at a fraction of the cost.

Ultra low cost payments

Our 'Regular' ultra low-cost payments can be made to 31 countries around the world, and these payments are sent within three days.

Priority payments

Alternatively you can make a 'Priority' payment to over 212 countries and 95% of them will arrive within 24 hours, but still at our bank busting rates.

Our 'Beneficiary Manager' lets you speed up the payments process by setting up and storing the details of your regular recipients. You can collect bank details, personal details and notification preferences. We provide you with country-by-country know-how, validate bank details and allow you to complete all the necessary compliance checks ahead of time, so that your payment arrives faster.